Indian Monsoon Malabar (low acid) Coffee Blend, 1200 g

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Indian Monsoon Malabar (low acid) Coffee Blend, 1200 g (Ground or Bean)

Small Batch.  Hand Crafted.  Fair Trade. Organic. Specialty Coffee. High Altitude. Shade Grown. 100% Arabica Coffee. 

A delightfully nutty coffee named after the unique aging process used.  The story begins in the earliest days of coffee in Europe. Green coffee beans would spend months in the hulls of wooden ships as they sailed around the Cape of Africa, on their way to Rotterdam or London. This long exposure to humid tropical breezes would mellow out the beans by greatly reducing their acidity, producing a unique taste. Once modern steamers took over and ocean voyages were dramatically reduced because of the Suez Canal, transit times were reduced to weeks. The special flavour was lost, but not forgotten.

To reproduce those flavours, beans grown in the Ghat Mountains on the south west coast of the Indian peninsula, are held in special warehouses that expose them to the humid monsoon winds through special doors. The beans are constantly turned to control exposure and guard against contamination.  It is a very labour intensive process. We purchase only AA "Super" grade beans to insure we are getting genuine "Monsooned" beans as there is a lot more Monsooned sold than is actually produced. There is little organic or Fairtrade coffee grown in India. Indian plantations generally combine careful, intensive cultivation techniques with multi-layer fruit and nut tree canopies to protect the coffee bushes. 

Our roaster has decided to roast these beans lightly to produce a beautiful deep and nutty flavour. We want to make sure the unique flavour of these beans is fully exposed and not lost to "roast".

Many people who have come to us troubled by coffee acidity have greatly enjoyed this coffee.

About The Creemore Coffee Company: We keep getting greener…

We are committed to offering products that help reduce our carbon footprint. 

Updated: July 2020

  • We are now a Bullfrog Powered Business... meaning we now choose 100% renewable energy for our operations!

Update: February 2020

  • Right-sized our packaging -  by increasing the amount shipped in each bag, Creemore Coffee reduced packaging waste by 25%
  • Look for our new Biotre bag option... Biotre offer the best enviro vs. bean quality balance in coffee bags available today


  • Our Roastery location was specifically chosen in a small community called New Lowell located just outside of Creemore.  Being rural allows us the ability to roast our beans without the use an energy intensive afterburner typically used in city production facilities
  • Converted manufacturing fuel source from Propane to Natural Gas
  • We have upgraded much of our lighting equipment to reduce power consumption


  • We offer packaging options which bio degrade faster than traditional bags and are safer for the environment
  • We encourage the use of reusable single serving pods versus convenient disposables
  • We recycle all packaging received through the purchase & production of our beans including the jute bags, left over chaff & the backing material from our labels
  • Internally we are able to produce very little garbage through our internal recycling programs & the elimination of single use products


  • 95% of the products we offer are Certified Fair Trade which means better trading conditions to and securing the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries
  • We support The Cafe Femenino coffee program which is a one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty afflicting women coffee farmers across the world


  • Our beans are shade grown which provide a host of benefits:
    • The bean matures slower giving a much sweeter taste
    • The plantations are normally found at higher altitudes and operated by smaller farmers
    • The canopy which surround this environment provide a natural organic setting for optimum growth of the coffee plants and provide a buffet of resources to support bird and butterfly migration 


  • We support PEOPLE…..
    • Through Certified Fairtrade produced products
  • We support the EARTH….
    • Through Organically grown products
  • We support WOMEN….
    • Through the Café Femenino initiative
  • We support BIRDS & their HABITAT…..
    • By buying shade-grown products



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