Neutral (Original) Iced Capp Cafe Granita Mix 2.2lb bag

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Magical Neutral Original Creamy Iced Capp Granita Base Mix Canada

Buy Top Selling Neutral Creamy Iced Capp Granita Mixes in Canada. Magical Epic Cream Style Neutral Granita Mix + Magical Flavors = Over 200 Flavors of Creamy Granita!

The Magical Epic Cream Style Granita stays neutral in the machine until the customer orders what they are craving, giving the barista the ability to offer a selection of flavors as wide as their selection of syrups or flavorings. It is also a terrific base for slushy, creamy cocktails. You can create flavors at the time of serving the customer or you can pre-flavor the entire batch.

Use 2 oz. Magical Flavors for one bag of Creamy Granita Mix or if you want to flavor individual cups then use 1 teaspoon per 12 oz Granita.

How about a Original Iced Cappuccino, Mocha or French Vanilla in your granita machine? Want to make more flavors of your favorite Iced Capp? Just add Magical Flavors to create Hazelnut Iced Capp, Peanutbutter Iced Capp, Chocolate Iced Capp, English Toffee Iced Capp, Salted Caramel Iced Capp, Butterscotch Iced Capp And Much More!  You get the creamiest Granita or Frappes with our Creamy Granita Mixes.

Epic Creamy Granita Mix is a powdered, add-water granita mix to be used in any granita machine as a delicious frozen beverage. Our cappuccino granita mix offers a special stabilization system, special non-foaming ingredients, special cold-water-soluble ingredients, cold stable flavor blends for high impact and proper brix levels for optimal consistency and is fat-free, non-dairy and cholestrol free.  Great for vending machines (vending soluble mix) and blenders too!  Serve it Hot or Frozen.

Sold in 1Kg Bag

Mixing Instructions Magical Epic Cream Style Neutral Granita Mix:

Simply add 4 litres (one gallon) of water per 1 KG bag and mix it well.
Add two ounce of your choice of Magical Flavors such as Hazelnut, Pistachio, Espresso, etc. to create your favorite Granita or if you serve it individually, use one tea spoon of your choice of flavor per 12 oz drink.

Each bag yields 5 L of Creamy Granita Mix.  Your per served ounce cost is approx. 10 cents.

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Banana Syrup
Vanilla Syrup
Topped with whipped cream
Raspberry Creamsickle
Raspberry Syrup
Garnish with Raspberry
Black Forest Frost
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Chocolate Syrup
Topped with whipped cream
Irish Rose 
Raspberry Syrup
Irish Cream Syrup
Kiwi and Cream
Kiwi Syrup
Topped with whipped cream
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Topped with whipped cream and a cherry
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Featured Recipe

Mud Pie Granita
10oz - The Magical Cream Style GRANITA 
1/2oz Chocolate syrup 
1/2oz Hazelnut syrup
1/2oz Praline syrup 
Top with whipped cream
Garnish with pralines and shaved chocolate

You can almost feel the crunch of the chocolate snow under your tongue. A tribute to the chocolate lover in all of us, this mud pie granita is a frosty blend of velvety chocolate and rich hazelnuts and pralines. One sip and you glide into a sweet, cool world.


Equipment Requirements

With our premium mix all you need is any granita machine or slush freezer - Buy Direct and Save Big with Pariolli Canada 

Equipment Cleaning

When we made the Magical Cream Style GRANITA , we had your everyday operations in mind. Due to the products non-dairy formula, daily cleaning of the machine is not necessary as it is with other granita mixes. However, the use of a non-dairy product doesn't mean that the machine never needs to be and cleaned. We recommend cleaning at least once every three days to prevent accumulation of normal residue, which will make cleaning more of a chore. And who likes chores right? It should be stressed that all granita machine manufacturers recommend frequent cleaning and lubrication of the rotating parts to ensure dependable machine performance. Also, a regularly cleaned machine will be more attractive and effective in increasing sales.