Dole Soft Serve Mix

Make your operation a destination with DOLE SOFT SERVE®. The mixes are bursting with big fruit flavor. They're creamier than sorbet and don’t have the tartness of frozen yogurt. The result is a truly unique soft serve that satisfies customer cravings with sweet and refreshing true-to-fruit flavor.

Available in nine delicious flavors: pineapple, orange, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, mango, lime, cherry and the new Dole Watermelon. DOLE® is also operationally efficient and optimizes dry storage by yielding 8 gallons per case. 

Want to serve Vegan Soft Serve?  Vegan Shakes?  Vegan Smoothies?  Vegan Bubble Tea? Even Vegan Slush/Vegan Granita.  Make Rolled Ice Cream as well.  Want to serve Premium Fruit Smoothies? You can do it all with Dole Soft Serve Mixes.

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