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                               Shaved Ice Introduction 

   Shaved Ice is a newer style of frozen dessert that is becoming popular, it is usually sold at conventions, carnivals, festivals etc. Much like the similar dessert Snow Cones, the only ingredient is water. Both desserts are flavored as they are served to the customer. This eliminates the process of preparing pre-flavored batches for the desserts.  It allows for more opportunity to carry a higher amount of flavors, with easy management. Shaved Ice and Snow Cones are completely free of dairy, gluten and is a Vegan product. Also, compared to soft serve machines, shaved ice machines are significantly less expensive.


                                            National Flavors 

     In many of our blogs we talk about the application of National Flavors and just how versatile it is. They are potent, premium high quality flavor concentrates that can be used for just about anything cuisine wise. With snow cones and shaved ice being in need of flavoring, lets see how you would approach it. Since snow cones and shaved ice are flavored as it is being served, you wouldn't be able to directly pour the national flavor onto the shaved ice because it would be much too concentrated. To fix this issue, Simple Syrup is used. 


                                      Simple Syrup + National Flavors 

     Simple syrup is a neutral sugar syrup that can be used as a thickening and sweetening agent for certain beverages, and also be used for things like flavoring snow cones or shaved ice. Instead of adding the National Flavors to the shaved ice, you would add it into the syrup, and the syrup will allow for the concentrate to properly blend and have a ready to pour/consume flavor for the shaved ice and snow cones. With this technique you can have a large selection of flavors at your store with very easy management because there is no pre-flavoring steps required. 

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